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DIY Laundry Ladder and Name Plaque

DIY Laundry Ladder and Name Plaque

Posted by KM Ymker on Dec 26, 2014

Are you looking for a DIY project that you could give as a gift or just for yourself? We have the perfect idea for you! A friend of ours made an awesome laundry room decor piece from an old ladder! And she made a personalized name plaque for her home. Check out how she made them below!

Melanie, the creator, told us how she made this awesome name plaque. She cut some wood down for the frame, nailed it together, and placed chicken wire behind it. In the center, she mounted a board where a Y was attached to; along with custom wall decals.  The white wall decals have their family name along with their wedding year.  The "Y" is made from a piece of tin (not grain bin tin but with that same wave to it).


The hardest part of this home decor project would probably be placing the chicken wire behind the frame. Check out this blog that gives you step-by-step directions on how to place the wire!


Melanie made her own stain for this wood on the name plaque. For the stain, she soaked the steel wool in vinegar at least 48 hours.  Different types of wood take to the stain differently which is where the unique 2-toned effect comes from.  Such a neat wall project and hanging to add to your family room wall!

Her creativity continues......   Next, we'll focus on how she put this Laundry Ladder together! I just love how she took all these pieces of scraps and turned it into something so great!

She wanted to use a unique material, so she had her dad cut her some scrap metal from the cars he works on. That is where some of the letters for the Laundry Room ladder came from.

The "L" is a piece of scrap car metal - She just drilled holes into it to add character.

"A" & "N" are made of trim wood - Just cut the pieces to the size you want and glue them together.

"U" is a horse shoe

The "D" is made with the same type of tin as used on the name plaque.

"R" is made from a piece of rope - it was hot glued to the chicken wire. Glueing the rope was kind of tricky so maybe tying it on with wire or fishing line would work better.

"Y" made of scrap car metal and painted white

I love how both of these home projects turned out! I can't wait to try my hand at doing something similar for my own home! If I can only find the old ladder, I can think of many neat words to create.... FAMILY, LOVE, HOPE, etc.

Thanks to our friend, Melanie, for sharing this wonderful home decor project!