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Easy Wedding Decorating: Decals!

Easy Wedding Decorating: Decals!

Posted by Teresa VB on Jun 22, 2017

Congratulations! You're getting married! Now you have a ton of decisions to make from the venue to the menu. Here are a few ideas for how you can make decorating for your wedding a little easier with wall decals, and save the hard choices for the guest list.

Wed11 Custom Wedding Vinyl Stickers for Road Sign

A Beautiful Beginning

Help your guests find their way with a directional custom decal with your names! Whether you need to have a sign either on the road or within your venue pointing them to the right room, a custom decal gives it the finished look you want.


WD901 Welcome to the wedding of...

Want a special way to show off your new affiliation at the head of your table? For the wall behind the head table, choose from any number of beautiful wall decals that will make everyone take note. Whether you want a simple, elegant monogram decal, something more personal with names and dates, or a heartfelt welcome to your guests, there's a decal for that.

Sweet Ending

Finally, wrap it up with a big Thank You at the end by having a decal by the door to wish everyone well and let them know you appreciate them sharing in your special day!

Wed1 Just Married Cursive Lettering

...And a Fond Farewell

Everyone will know you are 'Just Married', and not by the glow from your special day! This decal can be put on your car to announce that you have just made the commitment of a lifetime.

Did you think decorating was going to be difficult? It isn't at all with wall decals. Set-up and take-down are easy, and there is no damage to walls or other materials. With a decal for every step of the wedding, it's plain to see that this is the easy part. Now about that mother-in-law...