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Explore Your Creative Side: Make a Wood Sign Using Decal Stickers or Stencils

Explore Your Creative Side: Make a Wood Sign Using Decal Stickers or Stencils

Feb 26, 2021

Making Wood Signs with Stencil StickersWood signs are a great trend in the world of DIY decor. How do you make a wood sign look exactly the way you want it? We'll walk you through the steps. It's easier than you think, especially when you use our decals or stencils.

1. Start with a blank wood sign. They are readily available at most craftBlank Wood Sign Framed ready to be painted and stencils applied stores, including Amazon and Hobby Lobby.

 2. Choose your decal or stencil. This is the fun step! Browse through our extensive decal selection. We have stickers for just about everything you can think of, including designs for teens and kids. Would you like to create a seasonal sign? How about a sign for you kitchen? Or laundry room? Maybe you want a sign that says I Love You, or quotes something beautiful and inspirational. Explore our decals for stickers that you apply directly to your wood sign. Or take a look at our stencils, which allow you to paint the design onto your wood sign.

3. Next, apply your design. If you are stenciling, you'll need paint. If you are applying sticker decals, you will want to Wood Sign stained and Painted design with a stencil sticker hung above doorcheck out this blog post. Applying stickers to wood can be tricky if the wood has a rough surface, if you can lightly sand the surface that will help smooth things out. Another trick to applying the stickers to the wood involves Mod Podge. The Mod Podge application turns the rough wood surface into a smooth surface just right for applying decal stickers.

4. Hang it up! When your sign is completed, display it! Let the world (or your house visitors) see your creativity.

Still hesitant to begin your wood sign project? Check out some other how-to instructions. This article on Simply Kierste Design shows how to create a rustic Farmhouse wood sign. This video by Black Butterfly Signs also shows how to create a farmhouse style sign. This how-to post on Angela Marie Made has some good information about types of paints to use on your wood sign.

Take some time to explore your creative side today!