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Family Birthday Board DIY Project

Family Birthday Board DIY Project

Posted by DM Maassen on Oct 28, 2015

Looking for a gift idea? We have created vinyl decals for you to make your very own Family Birthday Board. We have several colors and designs to choose from so you can create your very own unique design. Order yours on our website today!

I'm going to show you how I made my very own Family Birthday Board for my home.

I LOVE the distressed old wood look! But rather than trying to apply my vinyl decal to a rough piece of pallet or barn wood, I found a tutorial to make my fresh new board look distressed.

I used a piece of birch plywood for my project. We actually had a piece leftover from another house project so it worked out perfectly!  


I wanted a very dark grey finish for my Family Birthday Board so I choose a Ebony colored stain but you can choose any color you like. To get the lighter grey look, first you brush on a thin layer of water. Immediately after brushing on the water you brush on your stain and wipe it off. The longer you let it set before brushing it off the darker your board will become.


In a matter of a few board now looks like an old piece of distressed wood!!


Next step, its time to apply the vinyl decal. (I did let my board set overnight just to be sure it was completely dry.) This particular decal comes in two pieces. I used the hinge method to apply them both. 


With a little help from my husband, we drilled holes under each month for the eyelet screws.


Family Birthday Board--So close to being finished!

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I choose to use wooden circles (we drilled the holes in them) but you can use any wooden shape you like. These are just painted with acrylic paint to match my decals. You can either use paint or permanent marker to write the names and dates on them.


In a matter of hours you have this beautiful piece of decor for you home and BEST of all you will never forget your family member's birthdays anymore! 

                                               Order your decal today!

Check out our Celebration Board Decal Collection to find more Family Birthday Board Designs!!

UPDATE:  For those of you looking for supplies to make your own, you may use our affiliate link to purchase the supplies.

1. Wooden Circles with pre-drilled holes.

2. Metal Hooks for the bottom of the board

3. S Hooks to connect the wooden circles.