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Family Wall Decals and Art - A Poem

Family Wall Decals and Art - A Poem

Posted by KM Ymker on Feb 09, 2017

Family Wall Art Decals A Poem About Family

Some families are big, some families are small, some families are traditional, some not at all!

Family Camps Together Wall Art Decals StickerSome families camp together, some simply pray, some enjoy celebrating with food, and that is ok!

Some families have only one mom, or only one dad, some families are blended with double fun to be had.

Some families are surrounded by cousins galore, some families have lots of kids, some have one, but NO MORE.

Some days in a family are quiet and sweet, some days feel like the circus is camped out on the street.

Aunts are like sisters, and sisters are like friends, grandma and grandpa coming to visit is the kind of fun we never want to end.

Families stand by us through thick and through thin, they support our causes and cheer us when we win.

Families aren't perfect, this we know to be true, and some friends grow to be like family because they stand by all we do.Family Rules Wall Art Decals Vinyl Stickers

Families are fun, families are great, families are traditions we keep for love's sake. Families are joy, families are tears, families are something to be grateful for all through the years.

Family means cooking and laundry and chores, family means long vacations on a boat or lounging on a shore. Family means working together to make dreams come true, family means painting a beautiful picture of purple, green and blue. Family means games and cookouts, too. Family means togetherness for me and you.

Find what your family means to you with Family Wall Decals and Art.