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Farmhouse Style for Less Than You Think!

Farmhouse Style for Less Than You Think!

Posted by Teresa VB on Sep 28, 2017

There's nothing hotter in interior design right now than farmhouse style. Think vintage linens, scuffed pine floorboards, family-style dining tables and galvanized buckets overstuffed with cozy quilts. Here: five simple ways to get the look you crave for less than you might think!

Farmhouse Style Rustic Decor


Time to freshen up the walls with a new coat of paint. Colors like gray, taupe and cream will form the base of your farmhouse style. These colors give your home a white-washed look, a fresh slate and a neutral background. A couple of gallons, and you'll be amazed at the immediate change.

Have Courage and Be King hand lettering wall decals stickers

Wall Art.

Change the entire look of your living room, family room or dining space in a matter of minutes. Choose a beautiful, easy-to-apply sticker with a saying that brings a smile. After the simple application, build a new gallery wall around it with family photos. The matte finish of the decal ensures that it looks painted right on – and better yet – won't ruin your new paint job.

Farmhouse Table Linens Lace


Don't underestimate the difference a simple tablecloth can make in updating the entire look of a room. Simple stripes, faded patterns or even a burlap runner give your space style to spare. Extend the life of your old sofa or ottoman and match your new space by working on some DIY slip covers.


Have a bookshelf or china cabinet? Box up some of your tired décor and freshen your space with a new collection in white or cream. Visit your local thrift store and pick up white platters, bowls, pitchers, and plates. Display the items as a group and stand back to admire your handiwork.

With just a few dollars and a weekend's time, you'll be well on your way to updating your home décor. Farmhouse style is cozy, warm and inviting – we're sure you're going to love it.