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Five Awesome Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Five Awesome Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Feb 26, 2021

We are getting excited over here at Wall Decor Plus More. Want to know why? We are excited about Mother's Day! Our mothers and grandmothers are some of the most important people in our lives, and they certainly deserve a special day all to themselves, don't they?! We know you are ready to shower your mother with love, and so are we! Here are five great Mother's Day gift ideas.

Idea #1: Personalized "Mother" Crossword

This is a fun, creative way to let your mother know what comes to mind when you think of her. She is strong, smart, and sweet - and Mother's Day is the perfect way to tell her that!

Idea #2: A Candle Just for Her

Like Idea #1, this is a gift and a message at the same time. Not only will that special lady love the candle, she will be encouraged by the note that comes with it.

Idea #3: A Beautiful DIY Centerpiece

If you are handy or artistic, consider making your gift yourself. Sometimes the time and effort you put in says more than words. Your mother (or grandmother!) will love to receive something so personal!

Idea #4: Jewelry

If this is the Mother's Day to go big or go home, consider a piece of jewelry like a necklace, bracelet, or a pair of earrings. Find something that suits your mother's personality. There are so many wonderful crafters out there creating custom pieces! Check out two of our local favorites : Happy Camper Jewelry & White Shed Creations.

Idea #5: A Decorative Decal

Choose a message that your mom can put on her wall, her car, her travel mug, or anything else. These beautiful decals are a daily reminder of your love appreciation! This is the perfect way to show your mother or grandmother how very special she is to you.

Here is a great idea for Mother's Day gifts - Tumbler Vinyl Decals! Many of them are personalized.. they come in a wide variety of colors... and they are made with our outdoor-grade sign vinyl for strong durability!

Click here for Mom and Grandmother quotes

Car Window Decals - there's one for every one!  Why do you need to decorate your car with decals?  Its SURE to brighten up the day for your fellow travelers!

Click here for Mom and Grandmother quotes

Always remember that whatever the occasion, Wall Decor Plus More is here for you! When you need to get a gift, when you are decorating for an event, or when you just need an extra pick-me-up, just let us know and we will help you five the perfect thing!