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Floral Decal Stickers that work with your furniture

Floral Decal Stickers that work with your furniture

Posted by Teresa VB on Nov 21, 2017

We don't always have a lot of control over the furniture in our rooms. The significant other gets attached to something you would prefer to burn. The children take over a space and require a bland chair or desk to accommodate their needs. And sometimes a boring piece of furniture has been in one place forever and you don't have the will to overhaul the room for the sake of a little excitement.

WD092 Floral Medallions added to a glass door    DA049-C Added to the top of a plain dresser

The perfect cure for these furniture blahs could be floral wall decals. You can use them to give the furniture a brighter, more artistic look without moving anything. You can create a meadow around the ugly piece of furniture to distract from the ugliness. You can create a daisy chain around a desk to make a boring thing a charming focal point. You can add a swirl to a normally bland paneled door to make it look more artistic. 

WD741 Swirls on a paneled door

Decorate the middle of a long table with fern patterns so your guest table looks festive for the holidays. Apply a wreath to the back of a chair that you can't move or jazz up those cold looking appliances. Provided the surface is smooth and your imagination is active, your room can look refurbished without you replacing a stick of furniture.

Added to the front of a washer and dryer

WD680 Welcome sign added to flower pot

Floral decals are ideal for this because they blend in with so many decorating motifs. You don't have to replace pillows or reupholster anything to keep up the theme. They are also naturally classy looking, so furniture looks stylish and comfortable. Of course, the real benefit of this type of decoration is that it won't damage any surface it is on and can be removed whenever you want. People who are attached to ugly furniture won't have to fret about what you are doing to their beloved, it will remain functional, and you're free to change the look for guests or just on a whim.

If you have furniture that could stand a little freshening up with floral decals, look us up! We have fun designs for whatever you want to do.