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Floral Decals Make Great Additions To Small Rooms

Floral Decals Make Great Additions To Small Rooms

Posted by Teresa VB on Oct 26, 2017

Decorating a small room takes a lot of moxy. They are often rooms that people need to spend a lot of time in, but they are easy to make feel uncomfortably crowded. So you have a room that is important to everyone, such as mud rooms and halls, but is easy to overwhelm: what can you do to bring out the best in this room? Bring in the floral wall decals.

Floral2 Wall Decal Sticker adds warmth to this otherwise blank area of the Kitchen

Floral wall decals brighten up any given space without taking up a lot of room. For instance, simple floral vine decals can be as little as 13 inches wide. That will fit handily right between the mirror and the window, giving an otherwise blank piece of wall a touch of classic beauty. A daisy decal can take up even less space and be spread out wherever there is a need. You can even cut your flowers into smaller decals to fit around focal points as a frame or in between cupboards, and the pieces will still look like plant parts. Provided you are not cutting through the actual sticker, you can customize any floral decal to the needs of your space.

Daisy Flower 2 color package jazzes up this Washer and Dryer set and adds a cheerful attitude to this Laundry room.

And not only will the decals fit whatever space you put them in, they will fit in whatever decorating scheme you are going for. Floral designs are good focal points for the walls of small rooms because they are never overly busy or overwhelming. They are just a hint of decoration, subtly perking up a space without taking it over. For the very same reason, they can provide accents to any other chosen feature of the room without distracting from them. Flowers and plants fit most motifs that you might care to use in a small room, too, so you can accent without redoing the room.

WD1040 Laurel Leaf Branches set of 3 Wall Decal Stickers

Floral wall decals aren't just subtle, though. They are brightening. They bring the suggestion of sunlight and the great outdoors. Small rooms such as halls tend to wind up feeling dark and cut off just because there isn't much room. The cheery color of floral wall decals put a little light where it might otherwise be shadowy. This makes the room feel brighter, bigger and more inviting.

At Wall Decor Plus More, we have a variety of wall decals for any size room. If you have a small room that needs a little floral love, come check out our wares anytime.