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Fun Kids Bathroom Decor

Posted by KM Ymker on Apr 21, 2014

Pirate wall sticker

As we mentioned in our last post on decorating kids rooms, room decor for children can be bold, colorful and fun! The same holds true for kids bathroom decor. 

Use your children's interests and ideas to develop a theme for their bathroom decor. Get them involved in the process and they'll enjoy their bathroom time even more! 

Make sure that items they need are easy to reach and step stools are available.

Here are some ideas to give you a starting point:

1. Nautical, pirates or ocean themes: Always popular, these ocean themes can be accomplished with dark blue swatches of color - either on the towels, rugs,shower curtains or even on the walls. 

Accessories are all-important here. You can use rope and anchors to create a nautical or pirate theme or fish and "portholes" for an ocean theme. 

Consider adding some easy to apply wall art. Here's a fun wall sticker for the pirate's theme and one of our most popular products. Pirates never seem to go out of style, do they? 

2. Animals themes: Whether it's teddy bears, owls and giraffes or even a jungle theme, animals are always fun. You can even create a whole zoo theme, using animal rugs & towels. Zebra and animal print wall stickers can be used here. Easy to apply and remove, they add a touch of the jungle to the bathroom. 

Try adding a personalized touch by incorporating your child's name with the zebra stripes. 

These can be added to a painted stepstool, the trash can and of course, on the wall. Find creative ways to use personalized wall stickers for the bathroom decor. 

3. Flowers and Garden : Little girls may like a flower theme or a garden scene in their bathroom. Typically, more muted wall colors are best for this type of theme, say light pink with green accent pieces. You can add big pops of color with various flower items, like shower curtains, towels and rugs. 

Don't forget to add that personalized touch we mentioned earlier. We have a wide variety of personalized styles, fonts and colors. 

4. Kids Bathroom Wall Stickers: Don't have the time to redecorate the whole bathroom? No worries. Here are a few bathroom wall stickers designed with kids in mind. Quick, inexpensive and easy to remove, they provide just the fun touch you need for the bathroom. 

Whatever you decide, decorating for the kids bathroom should be a fun and enjoyable experience. No need to stress - for most part, your kids will love whatever you do!