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Get your Classroom Ready with Inspirational Wall Decals

Get your Classroom Ready with Inspirational Wall Decals

Posted by KM Ymker on Aug 18, 2016

Inspirational Wall Decals for Classroom Decor

Teachers, it is time to start thinking about ways to decorate your classroom for the upcoming school year. At Wall Decor Plus More we want to help get your classroom in shape with inspirational wall decals and quotes.

Placement ideas for these decals in your classroom are endless. One idea for decal placement includes greeting your students every day with a large decal over their locker or coat hook area. Here, consider quotes such as "Think, Do, Be Positive!" or "Make today the best day ever."

Motivate your students to think ahead by placing a decal over your homework turn in bin or basket. This decal could read, "Nothing will work unless you do." Another placement might be near the board where you list your daily, weekly or semester-long projects. Here you can give a daily reminder of upcoming project deadlines with a saying like "You Can Do Hard Things!"

Inspirational  Wall Decals for the Classroom

Consider talking to your building principal or student support team about placing wall decals around the school. This way you can reach students throughout the building with phrases like "I always have a choice," "Yes, I can!," or "Dream Big."

Once your co-workers see your classroom and want decals in their room too, take the opportunity to earn free product for yourself by hosting a virtual party. It is as simple as choosing a date and sending us an email guest list. We will set up a Facebook event for you to invite your friends. You will create a wish list, collect orders, and afterward, you will be eligible to earn free product.

Decals from our company have a smooth matte finish so they will look neat and professional. They will appear to have been painted on the walls of your classroom or building. If need be, they can be easily removed with no damage to painted surfaces. They come in different sizes, fonts, and colors to meet your unique style. Feel free to contact us as we invite you to try our product and speak words to your students that they can carry with them every day.