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Getting the Nursery Ready for Baby: Decorating Ideas for Baby's Nest

Getting the Nursery Ready for Baby: Decorating Ideas for Baby's Nest

Posted by Teresa VB on Mar 15, 2018

Pregnancy is a time of such excitement! While your baby is growing every day, you are making room for a new person in your family. Crafting a nursery for your newest family member is a joyful time. Pick a theme and let your creativity flow as you put love and care into the details that make up your baby's first home.

Nursery decor and furniture come in many designs that can be personalized to your style. Wall decals can take a carefully crafted room to the next level with a fun design that is easy to apply.

  • Nautical themes are a popular choice because of their soothing colors and classic style. Cool blue hues and soft, creamy fabrics make for a relaxing room that is soothing to both baby and parent. Nautical themes lend themselves easily to either gender and grow with your child.
  • Woodland themes with whimsical trees and forest animals give you an opportunity to use rich colors. Add fabrics full of texture to create a cozy room. Deep greens, flannels, and a faux fur rug create a truly inviting space for you and your little one to cozy up. Adding soft woodland toys and classic wooden blocks provide decor accents that are kid-friendly and fun to play with.
  • If you're waiting until baby's birthday to find out the gender, a jungle theme is versatile and gender neutral. Vibrant paint choices are stimulating for baby and lively for parents. Conversely, choose muted paint tones with pops of color provided by these fun jungle animal decals. Jungle themes are typically color rich and can be especially fun through the toddler years as your child learns about animals and the world around them.
  • While nursery decor geared specifically towards babies and young children is fun, it's okay to choose a theme that grows with your child. Classic damask prints, stripes, or inspirational quotes create an elegant nursery that transitions smoothly from toddler-hood to childhood.

WD1207 Trees Bear Mountains Woodland Forest Theme Nursery Decor

WD1206 Woodland Forest Mountain Theme Custom Wall Name

Creating a special nest for your little one is sure to be a treasured time. No matter what nursery theme you choose, you'll be setting up a space in which you and your new baby will create memories for years to come.