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Graduation Decals - Great Party Decorations and Graduation Gift Idea!

Graduation Decals - Great Party Decorations and Graduation Gift Idea!

Posted by KM Ymker on Apr 23, 2015

Here in South Dakota, graduation comes before Mother's Day; so therefore you get the graduation deals first!  

We have just added a nice collection of graduation decal sticker to the website and you will want to check them out.

If you are in charge of planning a graduation party, using graduation decal stickers will make the decoration part EASY!

We have decals that highlight the graduation year - 2015.  We also have a neat Congratulation decal perfect for a banner and it even comes personalized!

Now if you are searching for the perfect graduation gift, I have been too!  I generally go to Pinterest to spark my creativity and take it from there.

I decided to go with a money graduation gift since that was the most requested gift when I asked around.  Since that seems too boring, I had to add a vinyl sticker decal twist to it!

So here's what I came up with for a perfectly unique graduation gift idea: Krafty Blok filled with candy and rolled or folded money.

Here's a little step-by-step image tutorial on how I made this graduation gift.

Graduation Gift Idea Candy Money in Glass Block decorated with Graduation Decals Graduation Gift Idea - Candy Money Graduation Decals Graduation Decal for Graduation Gift Idea  

First I rolled up or folded money (I put 15 ones and 1 five dollar bill in this example) and I added in wrapped candy as I putting it in the glass block plug area. 

I ended up using almost 2 packages of candy - I wanted enough candy in with the paper money so the bills would stay somewhat rolled and folded.  

You could get quite creative with your dollar bill folding or even include change in there =)!

Graduation Gift Idea Grad Decal Vinyl Sticker 2015   Graduation Gift Idea Graduation Decal Vinyl Sticker Class of 2015

After filling the glass block, I added the graduation decals to each side.  We have 7 different graduation decal options that you can purchase for your own project.  Each set comes with 2 decals - one for each side.

The ideal glass block has a plug to make it easily fill-able.  There is a brand name called Krafty Blok that is perfect for this project.  Here is an affiliate link to a KraftyBlok Mini on Amazon.

Have fun creating your own unique Graduation Gift!  We would LOVE to have you share images on our Facebook page!