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Highlighting the Childhood Journey in the Home

Highlighting the Childhood Journey in the Home

Posted by Teresa VB on Oct 18, 2018

Someone once said, "Childhood is a journey, not a race." Although sometimes seeing our children grow up is a bittersweet experience, it is fun to see their growth and progression - even more fun to track and highlight the progress with a growth chart!

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Growth charts are the perfect way to save memories and see the childrens' growth and development throughout the years. Our growth chart vinyl decals make these growth charts an even better option because they are easy to apply and can go on any wall or surface! We suggest putting them on a board so you can keep them forever and maintain their look throughout changes in the home, such as repainted walls or remodeling. Each of our growth charts are personalized and come with the child's name for free! These charts make perfect baby gifts, classroom decor, doctor office design, and daycare wall art. However, there is no better place to watch your kids grow up than in your own home!


The nursery is the room that marks the beginning of the baby's sweet life. A growth chart is a perfect addition, especially if you plan on using the same room and changing it up as your child gets older. The growth chart decal can move along through the years with your child, and someday you can look back and marvel at the memories. Couple this growth chart with our other nursery wall stickers found here, and be sure to have the cutest, sweetest room for the start of your new baby's adventure.


The playroom is a room full of fun, so add more of that excitement with a growth chart! With this room, you could keep track of multiple kids' growth and development throughout the years. Paired with various decals for girls or boys, your playroom can be fun and filled with memories with our growth chart vinyl decals!

Choose to focus on the fun, sweet experience of growing up by using our growth charts in your home for your children. It is the perfect way to remember and reflect on previous years while celebrating the growth and progress your children make everyday. Visit us at Wall Decor Plus More for more options of home decor.