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Homemade Holidays: DIY Gifts for Kids

Homemade Holidays: DIY Gifts for Kids

Posted by Teresa VB on Nov 10, 2016

Thinking about crafting a homemade present for your tots this holiday season? We definitely recommend it! Making a holiday gift shows you care and something that’s homemade is so much more special. Take the time this year to make your gifts unique and original. With just a few items and a little DIY attitude you can impress your families and friends with these charming, homemade gifts.

Customized Growth Chart

So many parents say they can’t believe how quickly their child grows. Help the children in your life remember how much they’ve grown by creating a keepsake growth chart. Begin by gathering (1) 4FT x 6IN board (or larger depending on the growth chart your choose) and (1) set of growth chart wall decals with age markers. Next, paint your board in a fun color that complements the color of the decal you’ve selected. Once the paint has dried apply the decals. To finish, personalize your growth chart by adding a sweet note to your child on the back side of the board.

Portable Toy Kitchen

Not only are toy kitchens one of the most popular gifts, but there are numerous studies identifying the importance of pretend play and the benefits this has on a child’s emotional and social development. To get started on creating your own toy kitchen you’ll need (1) 16 quart storage container with a flat lid and (1) set of kitchen stove decal stickers. Once you’ve placed the decals on the lid, add cooking accessories such as toy pots & pans and pretend grocery items. After playtime is over your child can store everything inside. This is such a great activity to keep in the playroom or take on the go.

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