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How to Arrange Trailing Flower Wall Decals

How to Arrange Trailing Flower Wall Decals

Posted by KM Ymker on Mar 19, 2015

Arranging Trailing Flower Wall Decals

In this blog post, we give you a little guidance on to how arrange flower wall decals in a trailing or floating pattern.

My first step (after choosing my colors: Lilac, Plum and Soft Pink) was cutting apart the flower wall decals. Cutting apart the flower decals allows me to arrange them in anyway that fits my needs. 

The type of wall decals where you can cut apart and re-arrange them gives the most "bang for your buck". We, as a wall decal manufacturer, can make the wall decals in the most economical way and you, the customer, can arrange the wall decals to fit your available space.

Now, on to arranging the flower wall decals. I like the flowing look.  I was aiming for the flower decals to appear floating around the edge of my office window.

So I started with taping up the largest flower decals; spacing the various colors out.

After that I added the next largest size and did this down to the littlest flower decals. 

The tiny flower wall decals were used to fill, more or less and add tails to the floating design.

I really like how these flower wall decals added a spring look to our shop!