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How to Choose a Wall Art Decal Color

How to Choose a Wall Art Decal Color

Posted by Teresa VB on Apr 13, 2016

Warm Gray and Chocolate

I need to choose a wall decal color?! How?!  There are 30-60 wall sticker color options and I have to pick JUST ONE! Read on for help in deciding on the best wall sticker color choice. 

1.Surface color - Is your wall color on the darker side (burgundy, dark brown, or teal), or is it a lighter shade (white, beige, light gray, mint green)? The medium shades, like tan, can be a little tricky.

*Remember, if you have just painted your wall, you will need to allow the paint to cure for 2 weeks before applying wall decals. This curing process will make it easier to remove the wall decal without harming your paint.

2. Desired effect - Do you want the wall decal to POP and really stand out on the wall? Or do you prefer a muted, almost blended, design?

3. Choose the color - If you want a wall decal that will POP, you want to pick a contrasting color choice. Example: Placing a white wall decal on a red wall, as shown below. Your eye is instantly drawn to the Polka Dot wall decal stickers because it stands out nicely!

5" Polka Dot Stickers

4. If you want the wall decal to be more muted, you will pick something that is a little closer to your wall color. Example: a light grey wall decal on a medium gray wall. Ideal wall decals in this case, would be floral wall decals or art wall sticker designs that you want to be appear more like wallpaper or a mural. Our vintage floral wall stickers is great example of this.

5. If you have a simple photo editing program on your computer, you can get an idea of how your wall decal will look also. Do this by starting with a square or background color the same as your wall. Then add some text in your wall decal color choice. Now you can see if the wall decal "pops" or "blends". Try a few different colors to see which looks best. Keep in mind, computer monitors typically make images a lot brighter than they are. Also, this digital preview does not factor in lighting variances, which can also affect how your wall decal will appear on the wall.

The key in choosing a wall decal color is in the CONTRAST. Make sure there is a contrast between your wall decal color and your wall color.

On a side note, be wary of glossy wall decals! Glossy material or outdoor vinyl has a stronger adhesive that can harm your walls. The lighting in your room may cause the glossy material to glare and reflect that light back. We typically use Matte vinyl which makes the wall decal have a "painted on" look and will not look shiny. 

I hope this helps you decide on a wall sticker color, and come check out Wall Decor Plus More for a large variety of sticker choices!
~ Teresa