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How To Choose Your Child's Bedroom Decor

Posted by KM Ymker on Nov 12, 2014

Thing to Consider When Choosing Kids’ Bedroom Decor

Choosing and planning decoration for your children’s bedroom is exciting. There are plenty of cheerful colors to choose and themes to incorporate into the bedroom to make your kids feel more comfortable and cheerful spending time in their own rooms in the house. In some cases, decorating requires skill and a little artistic flair, but you can always simplify everything by using wall stickers and decals. They are ready-made products and there are literally hundreds of options available in the market.

Color Psychology

Advertisements on television or newspapers claim that colors do affect mood, and they are right. Scientific studies suggest that exposures to colors are effective to improve sleeping habits, enhance academic ability, and even increase memory power. You can easily divide colors into two main categories including warm and cool colors. The former can be red, orange, pink, or yellow. In general, warm colors bring happiness, motivation, excitement, and energy. On the other hand, cool colors such as blue, green, and purple have relaxing and calming effects. The best thing to do is to combine both warm and cool colors to give mixture of effects; of course, you have to ask your children what colors they like. In the end, the room is for the children, and it is best to ask their opinions about the color choice.

Favorite Themes

Plain colors on empty wall may bring the sense of cleanliness and tidiness, but children want their room to be more dynamic with pictures, stripes, and their favorite accessories. You can use wall stickers or decals to give more aesthetic enhancement to the already colorful wall. Instead of painting the wall, stickers and decals are more practical; they are also removable without leaving any mark on the wall. An infant may adore characters such as animals or even the view of an ocean, but toddlers probably have specific admiration to characters from movies, books, or TV shows. Wall stickers with pictures of children’s favorite things make the room more pleasant to them as they can see that their heroes, dream cars, lovable cartoon characters, or imaginary animals are always waiting and accompanying them in the room.

Also, please remember that children grow fast and they may need changes sooner than you may expect. Decals and wall stickers are removable indeed, and better yet, they are affordable. Don’t be afraid to change out your child’s bedroom décor as they grow older.