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How To Create Different Layouts Using Wall Decals

How To Create Different Layouts Using Wall Decals

Posted by KM Ymker on Feb 24, 2015

Are you looking for ways to decorate a large area of wall space? Using a gallery wall arrangement, or picture frames, is a wonderful way to do that. But did you know that you can also fill that space using a wall decal, and/or cutting the decal apart and re-spacing it?

Let me show you how it can be done!

We received this photo from a customer a few weeks ago. They had ordered the decal quote "Every Family Has A Story To Tell...".

Every Family Wall Decal decorating an old window

With the openings of an old window in mind, they cut apart the decal into 3 sections and placed them in the window frame! We love how this whole gallery arrangement turned out! The beginning total dimensions of the Family Story decal are 23"H x 11"W. When it is cut apart as shown, each piece ranges from 6-8"H to 10-10.5"W.WD231 Every Family Has A Story Wall Decal Quote for Home Decor Use

Here's another example shared by our wonderful customers at the Xray Department of our local hospital.  By cutting apart the 2 lines, the design was changed from a rectangular size to an oblong design, covering a wider area.

Custom Wall Decal Quote "Every Picture Has A Story To Tell"

And yet another amazing example of utilizing your wall decal to its full advantage! The sheet size of the collage wall decal lettering is about 2 ft by 2 ft.  Once you cut each word apart as shown with the dashed lines, and fill in the spots around various sized photo frames, you can fill a wall nearly triple the size of the original sheet size!

WD083 Family Is... Collage Wall Decal Quote     WD083 Family Is...Wall Decal Quote for Picture Gallery Wall Arrangement

You can rearrange or cut apart and re-space many of our wall decals! The decal lettering that cannot be cut apart are the ones that overlap.  For example: "Every" and "Family" in the first example are words that overlap and are connected together.

We'd love to see how creative you can be with your wall decal!