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How To Make Your Holiday Decor Last All Winter

How To Make Your Holiday Decor Last All Winter

Posted by Teresa VB on Dec 22, 2016

Each year we spend lots of time setting up and taking down holiday decorations. Below are 3 versatile home decor trends that will help make your home feel like a winter wonderland all season long.


Seasonal Snowflakes
Snowflakes can add an elegant touch to any home. Snowflakes can easily be embroidered onto bath or kitchen towels and are a great way to add a seasonal touch to any room. One place that typically gets overlooked are our windows. Take advantage of this space with these Snowflake Vinyl Sticker Decals, which can easily be applied to any window or door.


Sweet Snowmen
Snowmen are the official mascot of winter. While Frosty is often associated with Christmas, don't be afraid to keep your snowmen decor out all winter long. For a fun DIY idea you can do with your kids, take these Snowman Face Decals and apply them to any size glass cookie jar. Now you'll have a festive and functional winter decor piece for your kitchen.


Deer-Head Decor

Deer head decor has made a huge impact on the design world over the past few years. You can easily show off this trend in your home by utilizing this Deer Head Silhouette Wall Decal. Reindeer too, are often associated with Christmas so this is a great addition to your existing festive decor. Given the popularity of this design trend you can feel confident leaving this up all year round for a rustic and inviting home.

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