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How To Use Application Fluid To Apply Decals

Posted by KM Ymker on Dec 30, 2014

Are you looking for a way to apply decals without the hassle of messing it up? Try using an application fluid to make things easier.

Let's say you are looking to place a decal on your vehicle for work. You would like to have it look 3-dimensional so you need to layer your decals. Using an application fluid will make layering a breeze. The fluid will allow you to move the vinyl decal around so that it is centered or layered just how you want it, without a hassle!

Using the application fluid allows you to move the decal around to straighten it for a minute or so. Without the application fluid, as soon as a part of the decal is stuck down, you are not able to pull it up and move it around to a different position.  This is especially true for our outdoor glossy vinyl decals which has a much stronger adhesive, for example, Mailbox Decals and Car Decals.

A homemade recipe for vinyl application fluid is a tiny bit of Dawn soap (about 2-4 drops) with about 30 oz of water. Mix them together in a squirt bottle. A light mist should work great, so that the entire surface where you are applying the decal is damp.

Other suggestions besides dish soap are Johnson's Baby Shampoo or even just plain water.  We gleaned a lot information from those weighing in on this forum post.

When using the application fluid to apply vinyl decals, be sure to squeegee REALLY good before peeling the transfer tape off. Liquid should leak out from the edges of the decal when you squeegee.

Using the application fluid makes placing decals much easier, not only on cars, but on rounded surfaces like candy jars, mugs or wine glasses. Anything that is rounded in both directions, like the piggy bank above, can be tricky. It's hard to describe the difficulty of applying a flat decal to a rounded surface but you can see an example of ROUNDED in this Instragram video.

Feel free to let us know how YOUR decal application went and what you find to work best!