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Inspire Adventure Or Create A Peaceful Sanctuary

Inspire Adventure Or Create A Peaceful Sanctuary

Posted by Teresa VB on Aug 24, 2017

So, you've finally found the perfect vacation home where you can get away from the rat race or use as a home base to launch outdoor adventures from. Whether relaxing with a book all weekend or embarking on daily kayaking or hiking adventures, you can create a safari sanctuary with wall decals. Go Wild With Animal Print Decor. Shop online at your leisure, rather than run around looking for what stores have to offer which likely won’t be quite what you are looking for. The wide variety of animal print vinyl wall decals available online will fuel your creative freedom, giving you endless possibilities from the most understated to the dramatically bold.

Animal print décor lends itself to a variety of decorating tastes. Decorative wall decals in animal print work well over bold wall color like turquoise, red or cinnamon, or as an accent on neutral tones such as taupe, gray or coffee. Unlike wallpaper, they are easy to apply; and, if you change your mind or style, they are easily removed.

Greet family and friends in the entry with a vintage sign-inspired “Safari Express All Aboard” vinyl wall decal.

Create a focal point in the master bath with a 37 x 23 inch tiger or cheetah decal on the wall.

Giraffe Stripes Animal Print Wall Decal Stickers

Inspire the imaginations of kids in a playroom/bedroom with an animal print wall borders. Use a set of 4 easy to apply 36 x 2.5 inch Giraffe Print Stripes Wall Stickers Decals, available in several colors to create the perfect anchor for adventure. Combined with mosquito nets over the bed(s) and an animal print area rug, this room will inspire boys and girls alike. Before they know it, a rainy afternoon will transform to adventure in the deepest African Jungles or an exciting jeep ride over the bumpy terrain of a wildlife rich savanna.

For a grown-up vintage safari look, use this 8 piece Zebra-Print Dots Wall Decal to design a pattern on the wall above a worn leather sofa, or combine them with a complimentary giraffe print border. Incorporate framed, black and white photos from your favorite vacations with prints of photos from trips your grandparents took when they were young.

Whether your vacation home serves as a quiet sanctuary or as a gathering place for family and friends, you will have fun creating the perfect safari atmosphere with animal print inspired wall decals.