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Inspire Guests the Moment They Step Through Your Door

Inspire Guests the Moment They Step Through Your Door

Posted by Teresa VB on Jun 21, 2018

Your home welcomes visitors in many ways. From welcome rugs to the smell of a home-cooked meal, the things inside your home can spread a message of belonging and friendship. Inspire good vibes and happy thoughts in the lives of everyone who steps through your door. Try some of these welcoming tips to extend the love and inspiration to every corner of your home.

1. Spread the Scents. Smells trigger powerful emotions. Make sure your home has an aroma that invites and pleases. You don't want visitors to turn up their noses! When you aren't cooking a delicious and aromatic meal, try burning scented candles, like these clean burning candles from Pine-Clad Candle Co. Evoke the Northern Woods, make it smell like a coffee shop, or calm your visitors with a soothing lavender scent.

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2. Hang Up Inspirational Wall Decor.

Our wall decals live outside the picture frame, and they truly draw all eyes to their wit and wisdom. The entryway might be a good place to remind

guests to Be Silly, Be Honest, Be Kind. Post this apt message near the kitchen table: Pray More, Worry Less. A simple and elegant Joy message could adorn the living room wall, and a Restful message can bring calm to a reading nook. Of course, the perfect welcoming message can be anywhere in your Home Sweet Home!

3. Accessorize Your Home with Items You Enjoy. If you like it, it shows! An elephant soap dispenser might look strange on its own, but if you accessorize your entire bathroom in your favorite African safari decor, you'll be sure to bring a smile to your visitor's face. Don't decorate your living room with trendy doo-dads you bought all at once from the same outlet store. Instead, form an eclectic look by combining your children's artwork with your favorite aunt's doilies and a lovely old lamp you found at a flea market. Make your home shine with your own personality, and your guests will be more likely to feel at home.

When someone new steps in your door, let your home and your own welcoming smile speak for your general attitude toward life: It's the Little Things that Make Life Big!