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Love Your Kitchen and It Will Love You Back

Love Your Kitchen and It Will Love You Back

Posted by Teresa VB on Aug 25, 2016

The kitchen is an important space in any home. It's where we spend time cooking and cleaning for our families, and where we can let our creativity flow freely as we invent new recipes or make an old family favorite feel new again. The kitchen is also where homework gets finished, jokes are told, and your family makes memories together.

Kitchen Wall Decor - WD551

Because the kitchen is such an integral part of our families' lives, it is important that we love our kitchen. It is crucial that when we gather in our kitchens we feel a sense of security and belonging—a sense of home.

While this feeling isn't something that can be brought about by decor alone, having a kitchen you love looking at can help you feel more comfortable in the space. Here are a few quick and easy ways to show your kitchen some love so it can love you back.


Painting is an easy, relatively inexpensive task that can make all the difference in the look and feel of a space. Choose a soothing color such as light-blue or sea-green in order to bring a sense of calm to the room, or go with bold, bright colors to infuse the room with energy.

De-Clutter Countertops

Cluttered counters can leave you feeling stressed. Instead of dealing with a constant pile of papers taking over your counter space, try hanging a mail organizer on the wall by the door to hold permission slips, bills, and other important papers. This will get them off the counter and make room for cooking, playing, and family time.

Add Decals

Whether or not you go so far as to paint, some wall decals can bring an entirely new look to your kitchen. With all the cute, fun, and witty options to choose from, you are sure to find something right up your alley.

Kitchen Wall Art Decal - PR003-G

Throw Down Some Rugs

Rugs add a comfortable feeling to the cold, hard floors of a kitchen. They can also act as a disguise for older floors you may not have gotten around to replacing yet, and can add a pop of color to an otherwise bland space.

These are just a few of the simple ways you can add some love to your kitchen. Get creative, and see what other ways you can make your kitchen your own!

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