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Memorial Walls

Memorial Walls

Posted by Teresa VB on Mar 16, 2017

After spending a lifetime with someone; after the frequent visits to the elderly home or the hospital; after weeping and laughing at memories as the funeral parades in black; after watching the ivory casket lower into the Earth to be covered by Earth, the feeling of loss can be overwhelming, and somehow surreal. It can hinder our hearts and encumber our minds for days, months, even years. When such a heavy feeling is present inside, it almost feels wrong not to express or externalize it somehow. With memorial wall decals, you can relieve the burden of loss, by memorializing, not the passing, but the life of your loved one.

Death doesn't have to be a tragedy. Of course, losing someone you love is heart-wrenching,especially when they've been around for most, if not all, of your life. And any death is a haunting reminder of our own impending demise...

But are you going to lie down and weep in the cold, damp, cell of depression? Or would you rather turn the darkness into something beautiful? Why not celebrate Life? Why look beyond the people around you and the love that surrounds you now? There is nothing that you can do about death; when it's time to go it's time to let go. Let the sadness of losing a loved one propel you to cherish your memories of them and the time that you have to live and make new memories. Transform the ambiance of your home from funereal, to memorial. Make your home a place of warmth, love, and comfort for your family, with artistic decals.