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Monogram Etiquette - Solving the Dilemma

Monogram Etiquette - Solving the Dilemma

Posted by KM Ymker on Mar 16, 2015

As we work at designing various personalized wall decals and vinyl stickers, we frequently run into the dilemma of what is proper monogram etiquette.

So we are going to share with you what we found in our research.

Various scenarios where you might use a Monogram are:

Weddings (decorations, wine glasses), 

Personalizing wall decor

Teen girls new car decal

Baby gift, 

Personalized totes

Monogram Candle Jars for Wedding Decorations

For weddings, you are working with 2 first names and a last name.  Seeing as monograms most often have 3 letters, you will use the first letter of each of those 3 names.  Which order should they be? 

In this case, there doesn't seem to be a required way - its totally up to you.  I have read that most times the man's first name letter will go first, followed by the first letter of the last name.  In the case of monograms with couples, we generally make the middle letter (last name) a bit larger.  In the above photo of the personalized candle jar holder, the bride and groom's names were Mike & Elsa Ymker.

Now in my mind, the lady should always go first, right?  =)

Personalized Monogram Wall Decal Sticker in Girls Room Hot Pink

If you are looking to add personalization to your child's bedroom walls, you would likely be working with a first, middle and last name.  There are 2 ways to do these monograms also - 

1. The last name monogram letter being larger in the middle.  or 

2. All three letters the same size and in the order of a typical name First Name, Middle Name, Last Name.

Another common use of Monogramming is on your Mailbox or House Door.  For Mailbox Decals, using just the last name monogram letter is the most frequently used way. 

Mailbox Decal Sticker with Monogram Floral Letter