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Mother's Day Gift Idea - Personalized Flower Pot for Grandma

Mother's Day Gift Idea - Personalized Flower Pot for Grandma

Posted by KM Ymker on May 08, 2015

It's Mother's Day this weekend!  If you are still looking for gift ideas, check out what we made for one grandma!  A personalized flower pot with each of her grandchildren's names on it.

We took pictures to share with you.  The curve of the flower pot can add a little trickiness so here's a little self-help decal guide.

Decals going a Flower Pot for Grandma Mother's Day gift idea

Here's our little trick for applying decals on a curve: We cut little slits in the decal in between words so that the decal could curve easier when we applied it.  It's not a perfect science but it was an improvement over my last curved decal project!  =)

Decals for Grandma going on a Flower Pot Applying Decals to a Flower Pot curved surface

The first picture shows our slits.  The 2nd picture shows the decal on the flower pot without the transfer tape removed.  You can see that we had a few wrinkles.  That is going to happen when you take a straight item and make it adhere to a curve.  The best suggestion is to make the wrinkles happen IN BETWEEN the words or letters - so that the wrinkle doesn't end up on any of the decal.  The wrinkle ends up in the transfer tape which gets discarded anyway.

Personalized Decal Vinyl Stickers on a Flower Pot

This flower pot is plastic and had a nice shiny smooth finish which is the perfect surface for applying decals to.  A rough surface just requires a little more patience but a chalky or plaster-type surface is nearly impossible to work with.  Ideally, look for a smooth surface with a shiny finish. We used our Tan and Beige glossy outdoor-grade material to make the decals.  We have added this same decal to our website for your next personalized grandma project!  You get this same Grandchildren quote in Color 1 and up to 12 Grandchild Names in Color 2.  Here is the link.

Last year we had a similar project and we shared it on our Instagram and Facebook page.  See if you find last year's project!