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Our Employee Apprecation Party - The Games, The Gifts, The Food!

Our Employee Apprecation Party - The Games, The Gifts, The Food!

Posted by KM Ymker on Jan 22, 2016

So we had lots of fun at our annual Holiday Employee Party.  First the invite was sent out to all our local help (along with their paycheck!)

And then the boss (ME!) had to be creative so it wasn't the same old boring meal and visiting - this was only slightly successful....Or maybe not?

I snagged a bunch of theater candy boxes from Dollar Tree.  I created vinyl stickers to cover the candy boxes.  The vinyl stickers used our logo colors along with appreciation quotes or "team" quotes.

The candy was in a variety of sizes so I just trimmed the vinyl stickers to fit the candy boxes.  The vinyl sticker material was excess material that we deemed not high enough quality for our wall decals.  So the "not so sticky" part came in handy when applying them to the candy boxes.  

These decorated candy boxes were our "table decorations".  Each employee took a candy box home at the end of the night, as their appreciation gift.

We have an employee on staff who is our Pinterest expert but she is also an expert at cooking!  She was hired as our caterer for the night.  As always, the food was DELICIOUS!  

Layer Lettuce Salad in a Jar

Roast Beef

Garlic Mashed Potatoes


Baby Carrots

Peppermint Punch

Brownie Strawberry Dessert

After our delicious meal came laughter and games!  We found out how many of our ab muscles were lacking this good exercise!  

I made up a version of the Telestrations game so we could play as a group.  Each guest had a Guess It Sketch It booklet. 

Making this booklet involved a little math!  Seventeen attendees and you want each booklet to have a page for each attendee to "guess" or "sketch" in every single booklet.  My math was a little off the first time ... :/ ... so each booklet didn't make it around the table.  

I had a basket with various Sketch items and each guest chose a slip of paper from the basket.  The item on the slip of paper was written on the 1st page. After that, each guest alternated between flipping the page (only looking back ONE page) and either guessing or sketching.  We had a ball seeing each Guess and Sketch when the game was over!  

Now I see that Amazon offers this game as a 12-Person Party Pack, if you don't want to make your own version. 

We also played a few rounds of Last Word and Catch Phrase.   We ended the night off with some exercise....  Wow!  This adult version of Duck Duck Goose was a BLAST! And no, I didn't want to lose my spot trying to take a photo! =)

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