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Our Winter Themed Employee Appreciation Party

Our Winter Themed Employee Appreciation Party

Posted by KM Ymker on Feb 03, 2015

I can't wait to show you the neat things we did for our Winter-themed Employee Appreciation Dinner! My love of all things snow took over - although I despise scooping the stuff! I'm talking cute little snowmen faces, bright and cheery, you know? And then snowflakes... so many different styles, shapes and designs - What FUN!

So here we go....

First decoration I worked on was the repurposed wine bottle. This was my first attempt at painting a glass bottle and I think there may be better paints out there for this. I used an acrylic paint and it took a good 6 coats to get the glass bottle covered with a nice even layer of paint. The easy part after painting was adding the fun and cheery snowman face - see our video at the end of this blog. What do you think of my Shopko home decor bargain - Silver pine cone arrangement, only $7!

Painted Glass Wine Bottle         Snowman Face and Buttons Vinyl Decal     Snowman Vase with Glitter Branches

Next, I thought our table-cloths in the light blue was a perfect fit for the Winter-Theme party. But they looked a little bland... SO I used up a few excess vinyl pieces and made SNOWFLAKES decals for the table clothes. The blue table clothes were the cheap, plastic ones you find at the dollar store. The snowflakes decals were made using White and Silver vinyl sticker material. Depending on the color of the table below, each snowflake color had a spot that made them standout!

Vinyl Decal Snowflake Table Decor     Vinyl Snowflakes on Tablecloth         

I thought I did quite well applying the snowflake decals - only 1 of them ended up with wrinkles below it!

Another table decoration for our Winter-theme party was a bright red "sled"! Made from paint sticks, this sled was painted red and finally decorated with Snowflake Decal Stickers and Let It Snow lettering.

ModPodge on wood make decal application way easier

Snowflake Decal Stickers

Wooden Sled Winter Theme decoration Snowflake Decals

I'm not sure yet which of these winter decorations is my favorite yet!

Winter Theme Party Table Decorations

And lastly, here we all are... (minus the boss who got to be photographer) after enjoying a delicious meal made by Leah Rus which consisted of:

Champagne Chicken Breast

Garlic Red Potatoes

Green Beans (with pepper, bacon and onion)

Strawberry Romaine Salad (with homemade Candied Pecans and Poppy Seed Dressing)

Homemade Dinner Rolls with Cinnamon Honey Butter