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Painting Tip - Save on Painting Supplies

Painting Tip - Save on Painting Supplies

Posted by KM Ymker on Mar 30, 2016

With the spring fever going on here, I have been working on a few painting projects... some of them LONG overdue painting projects!  

My slightly unorganized and "off-the-beaten path" location made me scramble one day.  I realized I was out of paint tray liners and I REALLY didn't want to be washing the paint out of the tray; nor was I ready to discard this painting supply.

So I got creative... I tried out Glad Wrap Press'n Seal as my paint tray liner.  Have you ever tried Glad's Press'n Seal?  It has totally replaced all of my old Saran Wrap and is my Go-To for covering ANYTHING!

Here is a Press'n Seal "paint tray liner", 2 sheets overlapped, covering my small roller paint bucket/tray.  I love this size roller and paint tray for doing one-wall projects or even small rooms (like our bathroom).

Painting Supplies Tips using Glad Press'n Seal

Here is the Press'n Seal after use.  No leaks into the paint tray at all!

How we saved on Painting Supplies using Glad Press'n Seal

Pretty Amazing!  Give it a try sometime!  

Of course your next step after painting is to apply new Wall Decals!

Applying Wall Decal Sticker Vinyl Wall Letters Words Sister Quotes

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