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Pssst! Vinyl Decals Aren't Just for Walls

Pssst! Vinyl Decals Aren't Just for Walls

Feb 26, 2021

So you have probably heard about our wall decals. And if not, well, just check out some of the other articles on our blog (we have some pretty great ones). But it's about time that we here at Wall Decor Plus More remind you of something very important. Are you ready?

Sticker decals aren't just for walls and doors! They are not just for cars either. Sure, the label may say "wall decal" or "car decal." But honestly, who cares? You can pretty much stick your favorite decals on whatever you want - as long as the surface is smooth! Decals are meant to spice up your entire life! So here are just a few fun ideas of where to stick your decals.

Vinyl Sticker Decals for Electronics Tablets Phones

Computers, iPads, phone cases, etc. You want to be the coolest kid on the block? Dress up your electronics with a few awesome decals - something like funky squares, leaves, or stars. Mix, match, and have fun!

Monogram Letter Vinyl Decal Sticker for Coffee Mug Tumbler

School notebooks and binders. Whether you are just heading back to school, or you are trying to find some mid-semester motivation, it's time to brighten your school supplies. A few fun decals should do the trick. You could even get a personalized decal with your monogram or your full name!

Toilets. Did we just say that? Yes we did. We have even made a few decals just for toilets. Spice up your bathroom (and startle your guests!) with this fun Ready, Aim, Fire decal or these googly eyes.

Toilet Seat Vinyl Decal Goofy Face Bathroom Fun Art Decor

Instrument cases. This is a special one for all those musicians out there. Especially those who are trying to hide a few scratches on their instrument cases. One fun way to do this is to experiment with patterns and shapes. Awesome!  (Be sure your case is SMOOTH otherwise decals won't adhere well)

Windows. Just make sure you are sold on having a sticker on your window. But if you are, you can go all in. Something small and simple goes well on windows. Like this creative cancer awareness ribbon, or this funny and mischievous decal.

Garden rocks. It's time to take the fun outdoors! You can go for something cute or adventurous like this horseshoe sticker. Or you can find something that will be deeply meaningful to you, like this cancer Survivor decal. Either way, decals keep your garden in tip top shape. Tip: Be sure your rock surface is very smooth and the decal design quite simple.  Purchasing the STENCIL version and painting your rock is the best way to making long-lasting garden art.

For more fun ideas, visit Wall Decor Plus More!