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Rearranging Our Wall Sticker Designs to Suit Your Home

Rearranging Our Wall Sticker Designs to Suit Your Home

Feb 26, 2021

Sometimes you find the perfect wall sticker design but it doesn't quite fit your space. Don't despair! You can cut your new wall sticker apart and use the pieces separately. If you want to, you can even rearrange the pieces so they reflect your style better.

Welcome To Our Farmhouse Vinyl Decals Laurel Leaf Wall Sticker Quote

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Making our wall stickers uniquely yours

We've created a YouTube video to demonstrate just how easy it is to rearrange our vinyl wall stickers to fit your unique home. In it, we show you how to cut our wall stickers apart and rearrange the pieces. We start with the Welcome To Our Farmhouse vinyl decal. This decal has a pair of laurel leaves beneath the wording. For purposes of our demonstration, we wanted to reposition the laurel leaves so they were on the sides instead.

The only even slightly difficult step was cutting the single pair of laurel leaves into two separate leaves. Then came the fun part - choosing new locations for the leaves. We think they now 'frame' the words perfectly!

Cutting apart the laurel wreath pieces

Cutting apart the laurel wreath pieces

Cutting apart the laurel wreath pieces

Another example

Our This Is Us wall decal is a perfect way to frame a wall of family photos. We simply cut "Our life. Our Home. Our Story." away from the top portion of the sticker and put the photos in between. Voila! A beautiful family photo wall!

This Is Us Kitchen Wall Decals Vinyl Lettering Stickers for Home Decor

Why not mix and match?

That's right, you can create your own unique wall decals by combining bits and pieces of two or more of our wall stickers. Choose coordinating colors and have at it! This Heart Doodle Swirl decal would look great with either part of the This Is Us decal on the photo wall. Then you can use the part you replaced somewhere else. Maybe a memorabilia wall in another room?

Heart Doodle Swirl Border Vinyl Art Wall Stickers Decal Master Bedroom Decor

Hints and tips for doing it right

When you're cutting your wall stickers, it's important to use sharp scissors and snip carefully. Then use a piece of painter's tape to temporarily attach each piece to the wall until it looks just the way you want it to. Once you're happy with the position of everything, follow our simple application instructions for a wonderful new look for any room in your home!