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Should You Apply Polyurethane Clear Coat Sealants On Vinyl Decal Stickers

Should You Apply Polyurethane Clear Coat Sealants On Vinyl Decal Stickers

Posted by KM Ymker on Feb 26, 2021

We have a little info about vinyl decal stickers and polyurethane, clear coat or poly spray coating.

Wall Decals are made with a matte indoor vinyl.  Matte indoor vinyl material has an adhesive that is not so strong that it will ruin your painted or wall papered walls. For this reason, polyurethane brushed on heavily CAN seap under a vinyl wall decal and damage the adhesive so that the decal will curl up and be damaged – see photo.

Damaged decal from polyurethane clear coat sealant

Our outdoor vinyl is glossy and has a much stronger adhesive. We use this vinyl for all our bean bag board decals and also our mailbox decals, car decals and camper decals, when requested.

In the case of adding decals to a bean bag board, we would recommend you paint or stain your boards, sand, apply 1 coat of polyurethane and sand. 

Then apply your bean bag cornhole game decal stickers to the boards. You may add another coat of polyurethane OVER the decal sticker but do it in VERY light coats. Adding a coat of polyurethane over the decals will make the edge of the decal sticker be less prominent (you don’t want an edge where your bags will be stopped from sliding by).

If you are making a wood sign for outdoors, the method will be similar. It’s best to have a coat of polyurethane on the wood sign before you add your decal sticker – this will make your decal sticker adhere much easier.

Damaged decal on a pallet wood sign from polyurethane clear coat sealant

Watch for any wrinkles on the edge of your decal or cracks in your wood (as in the photo above) that would allow your polyurethane to seep underneath the decal sticker. You never want anything to touch the back side of the decal sticker that would harm the adhesive of the decal sticker

Happy Camper Cornhole Bean Bag Board Decal Stickers or Stencils for painting

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