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Six Awesome Gifts for Your 2018 Grad

Six Awesome Gifts for Your 2018 Grad

Posted by Teresa VB on Apr 17, 2018

Springtime is not far away! Which means that graduations will soon be taking place. Can you believe it? Whether the young person you know is graduating from high school or college, you want to give them a gift they will remember! Here are six great ideas.

1. College Survival Kit. If you looking for a gift for a high school grad, this is the way to go! Their studying days aren't over yet, and chances are, they are not quite ready to leave home (even if they think they are). So help them out a little by giving a gift that they will use. You can even change it up a little and create a "post-college survival kit" for college grads (make sure to include edibles and drinkables!).

2. "Oh the Places You'll Go" book. Have your graduates guests sign it with words of encouragement for them to reflect on later. He/she has been adulting for too long...Give them a chance to revisit childhood with this fun children's book!

Oh the Places You'll Go Book as a Inspirational Signature Album

3. Inspiring bracelet. If your grad is more of the serious type, chances are she will love an understated and yet gorgeous bracelet. It will remind her that she has just accomplished an amazing feat and should be proud of herself. This gift is a stunner.

4. "I graduated! Now can I go back to bed?" shirt. This fun shirt is sure to give your grad a laugh. But honestly, isn't it so relatable?! After years full of hard work, late nights, and countless cups of coffee, you grad will appreciate the sentiment.

5. Graduation Notebook/Journal. It's time to let your creative streak shine! Pair a classy or cute notebook with a ribbon, gel pens, and maybe even a useful gift card. And make sure to write a note letting your grad know how proud you are of them!

Turn a simple notebook into a graduation journal for your graduate!

6. Graduation Decals or Stickers. This is the kind of gift that has personality! And there are so many options. You can go for something off-the-walls goofy, or find something that is classy and beautiful. Get a personalized decal, or simply choose one with the message that you want.

Graduation Gifts with Vinyl Decal Stickers Adventure Hats off Dreams Beautiful Life

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