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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Posted by Teresa VB on Apr 03, 2018

Spring is upon us and that means it's time for spring cleaning. While some people dread this time of year, with a few tips and tricks, the process can be an enjoyable experience that leaves you feeling excited and invigorated.

Follow a plan

Mapping out a plan for cleaning your home will help you to stay on task. Checking items off a list before moving on will ensure that you don't miss anything and save you time in the long run. A great tip for cleaning any space is to work from top to bottom. Dusting ceiling fans and top shelves will ensure that settling dust doesn't dirty a space you just finished cleaning.

Know when to let go

When you're cleaning, it's important to acknowledge when it's time to let go of items that no longer serve a purpose in your home. Starting a pile of clothing, shoes, furniture, and appliances will free up space and help someone in need if you're able to donate these items.

Use the right tools for the job

Be sure that the cleaning supplies and tools you are using aren't too harsh for the task at hand. Bleach may be acceptable for your toilet, but not for your walls decorated with vinyl decals. When washing dirty walls with decals on them, use a damp cloth and a mild soap.

Spruce up your space

Identify spaces in your home that could use a quick face lift. Perhaps you have a room that could use paint touch ups, or it's time to remove and replace a vinyl decal. To safely remove decals without damaging your walls just peel them off! If you are worried about removal, you can apply heat with a blow dryer, loosening the adhesive, before you begin the process.

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