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Spring Decorating: Personalize Your Space

Spring Decorating: Personalize Your Space

Posted by KM Ymkr on Apr 08, 2014

Spring has sprung! Finally the long, LONG winter is ending and we are seeing the beginnings of spring flowers and greenery. As the outside world is transforming into a place of beauty, so should the great indoors - mainly your personal space. 

These spring decorating ideas can help you turn your winter-gloomy place into a happy space that reflects your personal style.

Add Some Spring Flooring

A great way to bring spring into your home is adding some decorative area rugs. They can be floral or bright prints, even bold geometrics. If you prefer more of an "earthy" feel, try natural fabrics like jute or woven materials. Rugs can used on both wooden or carpeted floors - just make sure they don't block doors. Kitchens make great places for rugs, as do bathrooms. 

Spring decorating tree wall sticker

Dress Up Your Walls

Yes, adding a coat of paint will always help spruce up your home, but how about painting just ONE wall a bold accent color? You can try this on a guest room to see how it looks. 

Add some real spring touches to your new wall with tree or flower wall stickers. Easy to apply and easy to remove, these accent pieces will set your room apart from the others.

You'll want to add some photos or framed artwork to personalize the wall even more. 

Don't Forget to Look Up

Lighting is important in any room, so make sure to replace or clean any dusty, worn-out lampshades. 

If you have a ceiling fan, try adding some fun flowering vine stickers to create a updated look. 

Reuse and Renew

You can reuse things you already have to make a room feel like spring. For example, you can re-cover a couch or a chair in a new fabric. Refinishing furniture pieces will give the room a new look. 

Sometimes just a simple re-arranging of furniture will completely change the look of a room. Adding accent pillows - or even exchanging pillows used in another room can add a new decor touch. 

Mixing vintage and contemporary design elements is another popular trend this spring. Using reclaimed materials are what a lot of DIY decorators are doing. 

Spring decorating doesn't have to be a huge project. Take just one or two ideas and get started with those. Once you take those first steps, you'll be inspired to tackle bigger decorating projects.