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Stencils vs Decal Stickers - We Show You the Difference

Stencils vs Decal Stickers - We Show You the Difference

Posted by KM Ymker on Oct 20, 2017

Stencil Vinyl Stickers vs Regular Die-Cut Decal Stickers

We are here to explain and show you the difference in our Stencil Stickers and our regular Decal Stickers.  It's pretty simple so we will quickly explain.

The stencil stickers come with the design REMOVED so that you can use these openings to paint the design onto a wood sign, board or whatever your surface choice is.

Our regular decal stickers are the design or lettering with NO background material.  

Both stencils and decals come sandwiched between the backing paper and the top transfer tape layer.  This is so you can keep the computer generated alignment of all letters or design elements.

Application for Stencils and Decals are the same and you can find detailed instructions on our How To Apply pageAll our Vinyl Stencil Stickers are a one-time use only.

The same ideal surfaces apply for Stencils and Decals - the smoother the surface, the easier your application will be.

Sometimes simply SANDING your wood sign or board and wiping it clean, before applying the stencil or decal, will make application much easier.  We talk about rough or rustic surfaces in THIS blog post.

To order your sticker to come as a STENCIL instead of a regular decal, just choose this option in the Order Decal as a Stencil option: 

Yes I want the decals a stencil (stencils have design removed)

Here's an example of where it appears on our product pages.

Wanting to host a Painting Party with our stencil stickers?  We have a nice set of stencil stickers offered on our Stencil page.  Our Painting Party stencils come with detailed tips and also supplies needed to complete your painting project!

We'd LOVE to help you with any custom stencil sticker needs!  Just Contact Us!

Want to view some of our completed Painting Party boards?  Check our Painting Party album on Facebook!