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Sympathy Gifts That Encourage

Sympathy Gifts That Encourage

Posted by Teresa VB on Mar 30, 2017

The Misunderstood Grief of Miscarriage and Sympathy Gifts That Encourage

Tragedy comes in many forms. For those who have lost an unborn baby due to miscarriage, the pain and grief can seem less tangible and less understood than perhaps the grief of a person attending a funeral. But no matter when a baby is lost, it is always a devastating and life-altering event for the parents involved.

Miscarriage Can Feel Surreal

Having a pregnant body that changes and grows and having a mind full of dreams and plans for a new being is something many women look forward to for their whole lives. When that pregnant body and that heart full of hope looses its baby, it often brings a heavy, surreal grief. The mother never got to hold her baby, so she wonders why she aches so badly that he/she is gone. The baby might not have even been named, yet she feels like his/her name has been written on her heart since time began. The best thing you can do as a loving friend is affirm that she is right to grieve and help her honor her baby:

A Gift That Affirms The Grief

It's not customary to send flowers to a mother who miscarried her baby. In fact, many women do not want a keepsake that will fade and wither over time when they have just experienced their own type of fading and loss. Instead they feel a need to honor their baby and find a way to memorialize their precious life through some sort of tangible and commemorating memento. The perfect sympathy gifts do just that!

When She Asks "Why?!"

Women who have been told that their baby is gone often hurt with the personal question of "why?". Why did this happen? Why me? Why is God taking my baby? Why can't I be a mother? Did I do something wrong? Will I ever have a baby? The questions can come in a torrent and remain for months afterward. Help mothers find peace with the questions and peace with themselves by knowing that God's reasons are higher than our reasons and that He ultimately knows best and wants to give us the best. Use this "Be Still and Know That I Am God" wall decal to calm her fears and help her rest in His plan.

When She Feels the Need to Honor Her Baby

Most losses come with headstones and funeral services. But for a mom who just lost the life of her little one inside of her, there are no memorial services to help her find closure and move forward. Not forgetting the life lost but instead honoring it with memory can help a woman feel she has done right for her child. Give her a decal that says: "Every new life, no matter how fragile or brief, leaves tiny footprints on our hearts". Or one that proclaims:"Remembering you is easy, I do it everyday. Missing you is a heartache, that never goes away".

These decals are a great accent to a wall as they come in a matte finish that looks just like paint and they won't harm painted surfaces. The decals also look wonderful on glass or tile, allowing you to craft just the right gift; they can even be personalized.

Whatever decal you choose to express your sorrow and support, the receiving mother is sure to know it is a gift from the heart and one that will help her through the grieving process. For more ideas on ways to comfort and encourage, explore our online options or contact us today.