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Sympathy Gifts: What to Give Instead of Flowers

Sympathy Gifts: What to Give Instead of Flowers

Posted by Teresa VB on Mar 23, 2017

Grief is something that can't be taken away by the giving of gifts. It's something that has to be lived. However, you can help ease the pain of someone you love with gifts and thoughtful gestures. Often, after someone suffers a loss, people bring food or flowers. It's become somewhat of a tradition. While those gestures are kind and often appreciated, they don't always carry enough thought and heart to help a person who is truly grieving. It's important, especially during a time of grief, that those you love know they're in your hearts and minds, and that you're there for them. I gift from the heart, something you put a lot of thought into, will help heal the hearts of the grieving. So, what can you give instead of flowers or food? Words are powerful, they can help someone see the light when darkness surrounds them. So, use words to convey hope by giving the lasting sympathy gift of a wall decal that encourages, helps them focus on the good, and reminds them that love never truly dies.

Give Them EncouragementSym3-H 23x7

During times of grief, everyone needs encouragement. They're going through a dark time, and knowing that things will eventually get better, that the light will shine again, is extremely important. Remind them of their blessings and wish them peace and love with a decal they can see and be encouraged by daily. 

Help Them Focus on the Good

Remind them that love, even love that was lost, is something to be treasured. Words like these will help them heal and get to a place where they can look back on memories of their loved one with fondness and thankfulness instead of sadness. Remind them that the person they lost was loved by all, that their life will never be forgotten.

Sym1-I 23x17Remind Them That Love Lives On

Those who we love never really leave us. They may leave this world, but they live on in our hearts and minds forever. They're our constant companions, and being reminded of that can help someone feel like they're not alone.

It's never easy to move past grief, and no gift will magically fix someone who is going through a mourning period, but it will help. So, take a moment to find the perfect words, and turn them into a gift that will last longer than food or flowers and show those you love that they're on your mind as they go through this trying time.