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The Art of Location and Canvas Prints

The Art of Location and Canvas Prints

Posted by Teresa VB on Aug 20, 2018

The tools available for home decor has grown immensely in the past decade. One of the most popular tools available is the use of canvas prints.

Family Collage of Canvas Prints and Decal Stickers on Frames

Canvas prints allow for customization and flexibility that can be an essential asset in creating an environment that is both welcoming and unique. They are also a cost friendly option that are no longer exclusive to the professional interior designer. When arranged effectively these prints are able to transform a simple room into a living environment that is both a reflection of the homeowners and a welcoming place for friends and family.

A common wall arrangement for canvas prints, that is also very eye-catching, is the collage method. This is a flexible technique that is not limited by the size of the prints or need for absolute perfection. It can utilize a variety of sizes and shapes, creating a very natural and organic look, or be very linear and systematic. The goal with this approach is to create a cohesive grouping to highlight the unique taste of the creator. The result is an interesting pool of images that not only offers an insight into the taste of those that resides in the home, but also becomes a striking art form that is going to impress any visitor.

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When arranging a single canvas print or a collage of prints on a wall, many factors need to be taken into consideration:

  • What is the purpose that the creator wants to convey? By establishing a purpose or message for the arrangement, the creator will be able to develop the cohesion needed to establish an arrangement that strikes interest.
  • What would be the proper ratio of the arrangement to the wall size? The wall size needs to be an appropriate ratio to the size of the print. If the print appears too small on a large wall, this could create an unwelcoming feeling and seem like the image is out-of-place. While a print that may be considered too large on a small wall could be overpowering and intimidating to those entering the room. Depending on the designer's intention, this ratio could play an important role in the intention of the arrangement.
  • What colors work with the room? The color scheme of the prints need to create a harmony that makes a room welcoming and comfortable.
  • What else can be utilized in the room to accent the arrangement? Many items in a room can be utilized in the creation of the arrangement. Shelving can be used to incorporate decorative items that accent the print, pieces of furniture can be tied into the colors, and even the shape of the walls can be incorporated into the arrangement.

The ideas and tools for creating an alluring print arrangement are endless. The main objective for the home designer will be creating an environment that is both in tune with their personal taste and a welcoming environment for others.

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