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The Hinge Method for Vinyl Sticker Application - Alignment and Accuracy Made Easy

The Hinge Method for Vinyl Sticker Application - Alignment and Accuracy Made Easy

Posted by KM Ymker on Jun 20, 2015

Are you new to vinyl stickers and looking for good How-To information?  Or maybe you have applied a couple already and are looking for an easier, more accurate way?  We will be sharing some in-depth pictures and information on why we use the Hinge Method when applying vinyl stickers.

Your first step is to gather supplies: painters tape, measuring tape, scissors, vinyl sticker (also known as a decal) and a squeegee tool.  Verify your surface is clean.

Next tape up your vinyl sticker using the painters tape in the general area you want it.  Then do your measuring with the tape measure (we prefer the soft sewing measuring tapes).  Measure so that the bottom of the letters are level on each side. Compare it with a level surface below or above your decal (i.e. baseboard, ceiling, etc).  Also do a side-to-side measurement if needed - is your decal evenly centered so that an equal amount of space is on the left and right sides of the vinyl sticker?

Now the Hinge Method comes into play here.  Make sure your painters tape is solidly holding the vinyl sticker in place.  We will be working with one side at first, so make sure that the painter's tape is securing the decal down a little away from the side that you choose to start working with.

In the example photos, I did a little cheating!  I didn't have tape, a tape measure or a squeegee with me.  I used the eye-ball measuring method as I was working with a small space.  My children were my painter's tape, holding the vinyl sticker in place.  And my hands were my squeegee - Mailbox Decals have a strong adhesive and the surface was smooth so the squeegee wasn't a requirement.

With the Hinge Method, you peel back the vinyl backing about 1/4 of the way, starting on one side.  And then cut this piece of backing paper off with your scissors. 

A scissors really is the best thing here.  When you just tear that backing paper, it can sometimes leave a paper piece that isn't glossy - once these tiny pieces of un-glossy paper stick to your vinyl stickers, it IS NOT fun to pick them off!

Mailbox Decals Vinyl Sticker Application Using the Hinge Method

After you remove that small piece of backing, lay your vinyl sticker down and adhere that small section to your surface.

How to apply Vinyl Stickers using the Hinge Method with Mailbox Decals

Once you have this small piece adhered, it is MUCH easier to apply the rest of your vinyl sticker and not have to worry about losing your meticulous measuring and alignment.

Working from the opposite side is your next step. Remove the backing paper on the large section of the vinyl sticker.

  Be very careful that the vinyl sticker doesn't accidentally stick to your surface before you have a chance to make it lie smoothly down!

Hinge Method Vinyl Sticker Application with Mailbox Decals

The final step is to remove your top semi-transparent transfer tape.  Depending on how smooth your surface is will determine how easily this top layer is to remove.  If your surface is rough, tear and remove small sections of the tape at a time.

And there you have it.... using the Hinge Method for Vinyl Sticker Application really does make vinyl sticker application a breeze!

 And of course, we need to share the Mailbox after the decals are in place!      Beautiful country road scene!!

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