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Three Gender Nuetral Childrens Room Themes

Three Gender Nuetral Childrens Room Themes

Posted by Teresa VB on Dec 15, 2016

Deciding how to decorate a child's room can be difficult because there tends to be an overwhelming number of themes and inspirations to choose from. Often narrowing down selections can be especially troublesome when the room in question needs to be gender-neutral. Whether male and female siblings are sharing a room or your little one doesn't identify as hyper-feminine or masculine respectively, gender-neutral rooms can still be fun and embody the personalities and individuality of the inhabitants.

1. An art-themed studio

Fashion a colorful space for your budding artist with a fun and functional desk chock-full of crafting supplies and paper that will keep them well-stocked for afternoons of endless creating. Wall hooks make great storage for smocks and paint trays, and open shelving concepts are perfect for displaying all of your child's inspiring masterpieces. Consider using whimsical paint splatter wall stickers for a quick, mess-free, easily removable alternative to actual paint.

2. An atmospheric space room

Try using round pendant lighting fixtures, installing a motorized mobile of the solar system, and applying a planetary growth chart decal to achieve the wonder of outer space. Use a calming color palette to mimic the majesty of the sky just as night is approaching. Funky Lucite chairs or bed-side tables will add a space station-vibe.

3. A jovial zoo full of animals

Bright colored bedding and furnishings will nicely complement a menagerie of stuffed zoo animals and zoo entrance wall decals. A zebra, giraffe, or leopard-print area rug will encourage pretend play for your child and their playmates. Wicker baskets for clothing and toy storage are ideal for representing the jungle or savanna habitats of your kid's most beloved zoo residents.