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Tips For Hanging Your Photo Canvas Prints on the Wall

Tips For Hanging Your Photo Canvas Prints on the Wall

Posted by KM Ymker on Apr 21, 2016

Canvas Photo Wall Prints create Stunning Wall ArtWith Sibling Day just now past, I'm proud to say that I have our 2015 photos on display.... FINALLY!!!

When we are furiously working on other people's fantastic Wall Decor items, my own items tend to be pushed off.  Well, I finally made time... for my OWN prints {well, I did my sister's at the same time!}

As I was hanging my new Canvas Photo Prints  of my family in 2015, I put together a few tips for you!

First, if you are in a household like ours... doors banging, floors rattling, furniture bouncing... you will want to be sure your Canvas Photo Prints stay perfectly straight on the wall.  

{You all have the same type of household, right?  I'd really hate to know that my children are wild hooligans or something!}

Canvas Photo Wall Prints create Stunning Wall Art

To keep the Canvas Print securely on the wall, I added some tacky material, called Fun Tak Mounting Putty, to the bottom corners.  

You can see from the photo above that my walls are not very smooth, which is another reason why I wanted putty in the bottom corners.

Secure the corners of your Canvas Photo Wall Prints      Mounting Putty Found on Amazon

Some other tips for your Canvas Wall Prints:

1. Do not apply pressure in the middle of the Canvas Print.  The canvas material can be stretched; so applying enough pressure can add a dimple or make the Canvas Wall Print appear to be loosely framed.  You don't want that - you want to it to look nice and evenly wrapped, just like it came.

2.  Command Strips make hanging Canvas Wall Prints super easy!  I would invest in larger ones or use multiple Command Strips.  Command Strips work like velcro - they have adhesive on the back and when 2 strips are pressed together, they stay connected - one side to your Canvas Wall Print and the other to the wall.

To apply Command Strips, take 2 strips and firmly press them together.  Remove the adhesive on one side, apply this to your Canvas Wall Print, being very certain it is adhered along the edge where the wood frame juts out a bit.  Next, remove the adhesive on the other side and press the Canvas Print to the wall.  Hold the pressure there for about 1 minute to get a secure bond formed.  

BE SURE TO PRESS on the canvas print where it is touching the WOOD FRAME.  Pressing in the center or where the Canvas Print is not touching the wood frame may cause a dimple in the canvas.

Tips for Displaying Canvas Wall Photo Prints

3.  You can also hang your Canvas Wall Print from nail or screw.  You will need to be sure that the nail or screw is extending long enough to reach inside the wooden Canvas frame.  Securing the corners with Mounting Putty would be extremely helpful when displaying your Canvas Print using a nail as the hanger.

Comment and Share with us your favorite way to hang Canvas Photo Print!

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