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Tracking Heights of Children in Style

Tracking Heights of Children in Style

Posted by Teresa VB on Nov 20, 2018

Tracking Children's Heights

Having a child is one of the greatest joys in life for many parents. The joy that comes from being a parent is hard to explain and one that parents understand wholeheartedly. Watching the little one grow up is one of the best parts of being a parent as you can nurture them and watch them grow bit by bit into the person they are meant to be. There are going to be quite a few milestones that a parent will want to document so that they can look back on those times with fondness. The milestones can be things like first steps, the first day of school, or when they go to their first dance. However, one significant milestone that parents love to document is the growing of their child in inches.

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Unique Growth Monitoring Charts

Documenting height as a child grows has been done for many years. Some may remember getting their height documented on the wall in pencil or pen in their rooms as a child or getting measured regularly at the doctor. There is a new and fun way to monitor the inches that your child grows, and that is with decal sticker wall art. This wall art made in the form of a growth chart can be a fun way to gauge your child's height. It allows you both to enjoy it and even adds some decor to a kid's room as it comes in a variety of themes and designs to fit in with your style or child's taste. The height ruler chart can measure from infant to teenager and everywhere in between and let you document your growing child for many years and have it be a keepsake and decoration piece as well. There are over 40 color options that can appeal to any parent or child and fit in seamlessly with the rest of their room. See our fun wall growth charts ruler decals and browse our unique products that can enhance any room in the home.

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