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Transform Your Kitchen with Wall Decals

Transform Your Kitchen with Wall Decals

Posted by Teresa VB on Jul 12, 2018

Ah the kitchen, it's often the most used room in the home. You spend a lot of time picking out your kitchen's design and all the details down to counters, backsplash, and appliances. While kitchen appliances have many options when it comes to how they work and their size, they are limited in color variations that don't always fit the room's theme. How do we fix that without spending a lot of money on custom appliances? Add decals! Decals can freshen up both old and new appliances with little time and effort.

Instant Pot Decals Wall Decor Plus More

Mrs Potts Instant Pot Decal Vinyl Art Stickers Fun Kitchen Decor

If you're like many families, you rely on crock pots or an Instant Pot for a lot of your meals. Sometimes the plain pot sitting on the counter is an eyesore. If you dress up your crock pot or Instant Pot with a vinyl decal, it becomes a fun statement piece. Having a pot with a decal can also make your meal stand out at a party and be a conversation starter.

Stand Mixer Decal Stickers Wall Decor Plus More

Baking is Love Made Visible with Cupcakes Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Decals

Stand mixers are important for those who love to bake but they take up a lot of counter space. Why not dress up your mixer with some decals for a pop of color? Whether you're looking for classic medallions, modern flair, or fun baking themed decals, Wall Decor Plus More has a design sure to fit your personal style.

Menu Planner for Whiteboard Chalkboard Vinyl Letters Decals Kitchen Wall Sticker Art

The refrigerator takes up a lot of real estate in our kitchens making it a great place to showcase your style. It can be a convenient place to plan your weekly menu, a source for an inspirational quote, or a simple design element that pulls the style of the room together.

Kitchen Conversion Chart for Kitchen Cupboard Vinyl Decal Stickers

Our latest addition to our Kitchen Decal Stickers is a Kitchen Conversion Chart! This chart shows equivalences between common units of culinary measurement to help you easily convert between them. Available in 3 sizes to fit your cupboard space perfectly.

Decals can add a bit of spice to almost any piece in your kitchen. They are simple to apply and made to last! We'd love to help you find the perfect piece for your home.