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Turn Your Home Into a Sanctuary!

Turn Your Home Into a Sanctuary!

Posted by Teresa VB on Jun 16, 2018

All around the world, the home is meant to be a sanctuary for the owners. We all need a place that is tranquil and serene to escape the chaos of the world. What makes a home tranquil? From lighting, to color hues, there are a variety of methods to create a harmonious home. Still, while colors and styling can appease the artistic right side of your brain, what can you do to calm the logical, and mathematical side of the brain? That is why inspirational quotes as wall décor is an amazing new trend!

There are a number of reasons that inspirational quotes are so beneficial! Should we really have to listen to the confusing and hectic world outside our home and come home to silence? People are assaulted with negativity in almost every arena of their lives, in this day and age. From the news and media, to politics, and even to social media, which was meant to be a form of pleasure and entertainment. People are getting cynicism and sarcasm from every direction! A great method to evening out your own environment and what you are subjected to, is to include some positivity and encouragement! Let your brain, not only see your beautiful color scheme, but speak some wonder back into your life! Experience true tranquility, with your whole brain, left and right. Breathe some optimism back into your own life with these small reminders!

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One place to add these awesome peace-makers is in your bathroom. While unwinding in the tub after a long and difficult day, wouldn't it be wonderful to see a little reminder that this is a place you can truly let go and relax? What about a sign next to your mirror saying that today is going to be a wonderful day or an encouraging remark about how capable you are? Even whimsical sayings, to give you a giggle, are ready and available, such as "Bare Bottoms Welcome Here!" Men and women alike, deserve a pick-me-up, and what better place than a room you go into every day?

Calm tranquility is only one reason to have such sayings around your home. It's even harder to make home our sanctuary when we have children. Our days at home are filled with the stress of raising a little person to be a responsible and caring adult. Parenting is hard; ask anyone! How about a way to teach our young ones proper behavior without doing a thing? More wall art available include house rules, and other suggestions to aid in developing good habits and behaviors! Reminders to brush teeth, that family takes care of each other, to have gratitude and humility, and even just to give a child a daily dose of self-confidence are available as well! Simply sticking something to the wall can help grow a better future by instilling good behavior reminders and encouraging strong character!

The benefits don't end there, though! Want to introduce a little more religion into your daily life? Check out some religious signs! Can't remember how many fluid ounces are in a cup? Try a conversion chart for your kitchen! Want to update the feel of your home to coincide with the next holiday or season? There are seasonal decals as well! There are even take-along decals for the car, so you can share that wisdom, that smile, or that inspiration with others! Smiles are infectious, or so they say!

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Guess what? If you are hard set in just using art and color to decorate your home, there are decals for you too! From decals of beautiful flowers, to nautical boats and anchors, there are hundreds of options! Have you ever put up wallpaper? It's a very time consuming and difficult process. Not to mention if you decide to change the décor, taking wallpaper is down is even harder! Make it easier on yourself: get some wall decals and stick them on your painted wall in a pattern, to get a wallpaper effect without all the hassle! Make your living room into a forest by adding tree and grass decals! Customize the nursery with mountains & bears, and then replace them with guitars when your baby become a teenager! All of this without putting a single hole in the wall! If none of those are desirable to you, you can even create your own decal!

Decals have made personalizing your home easier than ever! Make your home your sanctuary in all senses of the word! Make your home unique with customizing, without causing any damage! Balance your life with some optimistic and motivational sayings, and teach your kids without having to say a word! We can help turn your home into your sanctuary!