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Turn Your Kitchen Appliances into Works of Art

Turn Your Kitchen Appliances into Works of Art

Posted by Teresa VB on Jun 09, 2018

Today, most people have at least one plaque or sign in their home with a funny, romantic, or inspirational saying. Now you can place these types of sayings on your kitchen appliances using vinyl decal stickers!

Everyone will love reading what you have on your appliances and will want their own. With these stickers, it will look as if the design and words were manufactured right on your refrigerator, coffee maker or other appliance. These decals use outdoor-grade, glossy vinyl material and will last. Because each decal has super strong adhesive, you can use and wash all of your appliances without worry. The stickers won't fall off. You can even select a variety of colors so that you can find the perfect match for your decor.

Dinner Choices Instant Pot Decal Kitchen Appliance Vinyl Stickers

Do you have an Instant Pot in your kitchen? You can place a sticker on it that says "Made with Love" – no truer words for all the meals you make for your family. Or select a decal that says "Instant Love" for your Instant Pot, which is such a nice play on words for that particular appliance. Or even opt for a funny decal, such as "Dinner Choices: 1. Take It - 2. Leave It" to bring a smile to everyone's face.

If you use a mixer in your home, you can also add a decal to it, which will make it look quite fancy. You can adhere a sticker that comes with cooking words on it such as "pinch of salt" and "spoonful of sugar" among others. If you prefer something without words, you can even choose a gorgeous flower burst design or trendy-looking chevron stripes.

Made with Love Cooking Words Kitchen Appliance Mixer Vinyl Decals

You'll love the variety of decals available that will turn your kitchen appliances into works of art. For more information, please visit Wall Decor Plus More today. We create all sorts of unique, family-oriented decals that you will enjoy having in your home.