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Update Your Space with Wood Accents

Update Your Space with Wood Accents

Posted by Teresa VB on May 17, 2018

Earthy wood tones and natural decor pieces add a warm, inviting feeling to your home. You don't have to make big changes to have a big impact when updating your home decor. We can help you create a rustic room with decals and minimal effort.

Create an accent wall with wood plank sticker decals can create a charming focal point in any room. With our easy to apply wood plank decals, you can get a rich wood look with half the time and money real wood planks require. An accent wall in a bedroom, living area, or kitchen updates the feel of the room. If you don't want to change an entire wall, use decals to change the look of a chest, cabinet, or entertainment center. Decals can give a piece a weathered look with lots of charm. Add in natural accents like a wooden tray, chunky knit blankets, and tree trunk end tables or planters to layer the rustic theme throughout your space. Decor pieces in natural rusty reds and deep oranges help to warm the space.

Chunky Knit Blanket DIY Rustic Decor Wall Decal Stickers

Rustic Wooden Trays Etsy Shop Warm Wood Tone Accents Pieces Wall Decal Stickers

While wood looks lovely in rustic spaces, it flows well in almost any home design. Wood pieces can soften a space and create a polished look just as easily as they warm it up. Frames with wooden accents and crisp white backgrounds look elegant with a scroll print. Carefully placed wooden signs add charm and a bit of personality to your favorite spaces. Wood even meshes well with modern decor pieces when mixed with metals and bright pops of colors like neon yellows and greens. For a more modern look, find wood pieces with crisp, straight lines instead of more organic cuts. Signs with both metal and wood can give you a crisp modern look with little effort.

Life Happens Coffee Helps Metal Wood Sign Wall Decal Stickers

The Best Days of our Lives Personalized with Dates Metal or Wood Sign with Vinyl Sticker Quote, Wall Art, 3 Sign Choices, Wall Decal Stickers

Wood has always been a big part of home decor. Here at Wall Decor Plus More we would love to help you find updated ways to decorate with these natural tones and textures.