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Updating your Kid's Room on a budget

Updating your Kid's Room on a budget

Posted by Teresa VB on Dec 01, 2016

Your child is growing up, and their tastes have changed since they were little. You need to redo their room, but you don't want to spend a fortune. How can you give your kid a new room on a slim budget? We've got some clever ideas.


One of the most dramatic changes is also one of the least expensive. Painting the walls will instantly transform your child's room. Give them some level of input, but be sure it's a color every one can live with. For a younger child, getting paint swatches from the home improvement store for them to pick from may be the best idea rather than simply asking them what they want.


You can also use paint to save yourself from having to get new furniture. Painting a dresser gives it a facelift. Think of ways you can reuse furniture as well. Can that dresser you just repainted be used as a nightstand? Or could your child use extra seating in their room?

The Extras

Those little finishes are what help define the room for a child. Funky hooks or cool shelving are just the ticket.

Don't forget to add some decor to the walls for them to enjoy. A wall decal will give the room a personal touch. Whether you put up your child's name or fun paint splatters, or another design, it is sure to add that finished feeling to the room.

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It doesn't have to cost a fortune to give your child's room a whole new look. With some paint, some imagination, and some finishing touches, you can give your child the room of his or her dreams.