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Using a Regular Decal Sticker to Paint on Wood

Using a Regular Decal Sticker to Paint on Wood

Feb 26, 2021

Do you love the look of stained and painted wood together? This is an especially attractive look when the stained wood appears as a pattern on an otherwise painted surface. Don't worry, getting this look is much easier than it sounds. The hardest part might be choosing one from our many fantastic vinyl stickers!

Decide on a design

In our video tutorial, we decided to make a wooden tray that features a monogram pineapple design with a last name and 'established' date. You can personalize your sticker however you want. What a wonderful way to welcome guests to your home!

Pineapple Last Name Est Monogram Vinyl Letter Decals Wall Art Stickers

Prepping the wood

After you've found the right piece of wood, you'll want to sand it smooth. Then protect your work surface by laying down a layer of plastic or a thick layer of newspaper. Next, stain your board by wiping the stain on with a clean, dry rag. Don't forget the edges!

After you've covered the entire surface with stain, it's very important to wipe away any excess stain with a fresh clean, dry cloth. If you don't, there's a possibility that your vinyl sticker won't stick securely. Once you're done, let the board dry for at least 30 minutes.

Applying the sticker decal and paint

Follow our easy directions to apply your decal sticker. Make sure it's securely stuck down and then remove the top layer of semi-transparent transfer tape. If the tape doesn't remove easily, you may want to let it sit for an hour so the decal can bond to the wood more securely.

Once the transfer tape is removed, it's time to paint! Cover the entire stained surface with your chosen background paint color. Don't worry - you'll reveal the stain again later.

Let the paint dry before...

The big reveal!

Now it's time to carefully remove all parts of the sticker to expose your design. A toothpick can help lift the edges of small sections. Your beautiful stain job will now show as the design on a painted background.

For our tray, we added a pair of cabinet handles to make it easy to carry. 

Looking for an even easier DIY?!

If you weren't going for this look or don't want the work of painting over stain (or buying the supplies!), you could simply add this decal sticker to a board or smooth surface. You will choose your colors & personalization before checkout and follow the directions included for detailed instructions on application and a QUICK and easy do-it-yourself project! 

SKU WD1319 :: Color 1 - Yellow Pineapple, Color 2 - Deep Blue Personalization

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